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As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, our H-E-B family of more than 120,000 Partners has not gone unaffected. A Partner who was confirmed positive for COVID-19 was last in the store on January 26, 2021. All directly affected Partners at the location have been notified and the store has been deep cleaned and sanitized multiple times since then. At our stores, we continue to enforce proper social distancing practices, strict sanitation and require the use of masks or facial covering by all our Partners and vendors in customer facing and close contact positions. The State of Texas requires customers to wear mask or facial covering while shopping in our stores. In cities and counties with local Health and Safety Plan ordinances, mask use by customers is required. In areas that do not have a local ordinance in place, H-E-B stores will require the use of masks or facial coverings. Social distancing, wearing masks, proper hand washing, and sanitization are all things we do to help keep Texas healthy.

While the pandemic is an evolving situation with many unknowns, we are sure of one thing: We will do our part to help our fellow Texans in any situation our company and communities might face. For the latest company news concerning our coronavirus efforts, visit H-E-B Newsroom.


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Domingo de Pascua
4 de abril de 2021

7am – 7pm

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Easter Sunday
April, 4 2021

7am – 7pm

Lunes a domingo 7:00 AM a 11:00 PM

Aceptamos dolares o pesos, efectivo, tarjetas de crédito, débito, cheques, WIC y LoneStar.

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